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R.I.P Amy Winehouse (14 September 1983 – 23 July 2011)

What a waste of an exceptional talent…Rest in peace Amy xx

Amy at her best…

Sound Audio for August

Here are my must hear musical treats for the month of August, enjoy….

New Album Releases

Not much happening this month…here’s the best of a little bunch

Kanye West & Jay Z- Watch the Throne

Release Date: August 1st

Watch this space for the review..

Watch the Throne: Review

Well guys I’ve listened and can’t say I’m mighty impressed as was expected when hearing these two names in the same sentence of musical collaboration. I’d say it’s lucky for these lads that they’re well established rap veterans otherwise most record companies may throw this offering in the bin after the first few tunes; I know I would.

The opening track , ‘No Church in the Wild’ is distinctively blah, followed by a Beyonce featured number, ‘Lift Off’ which I can’t say is much better. There is not much to talk about until track seven( all except some nice rapping by Mr.Z on the previous Nina Simone sample, ‘New Day’ ) than the ridiculous theme of sampling repetition throughout.

Thank God for some saving grace on song seven, ‘Prime Time’ which is clearly the highlight of the album. This tune displays a catchy underlay throughout sprinkled with genius rapping from the pair. ‘Murder to Excellence’ pretty much follows suit boasting an array of dizzy jungle beats.

Alas just when you think it’s finally turning good with silly named, although quite catchy, ‘Sweet Baby Jezus’ the lads manage to dent our spirits yet again with the pointless, ‘Love you So.’

It is with great regret that I’m sorry to say this much anticipated dual is one serious let down. No wonder the pre-releasing of any material was halted before we got our mitts on it, I reckon otherwise album sales would have been almost non-existent.

Beirut- The Rip Tide

Release Date: August 30th

If you like the Guillemots then I’m sure you’ll like these guys. The follow up to the indie folk band’s spectacular, The Flying Club Cup’, ‘Rip Tide’ displays measures of sincere tranquility coupled with a re-occurring haunting brass ensemble. Keeping with previous offerings, Beruit again sprinkle this title with a very clever theme of countries, places and things to see. This album is a sheer work of art and utter beauty.

Stand out tracks

Vagabond- I challenge anyone to listen to this track without smiling

The Rip Tide- One Word, ‘Beautiful’

East Harlem- Heartfelt lyrics and music, this little ditty has it all

Red Hot Chili Peppers- I’m with You

Release Date: August 30th

Note I have no reviews of either Kanye/Jay Z or The Chillies…reviews to follow…

It appears that the two biggest releases of the month are being kept hush hush ala some sort of similar legal and binding document, therefore I am making the wonderful Beirut’s Riptide August’s album of the month.

Have a listen to the splendor for yourselves…

So here it is the long awaited…

Red Hot Chilli Peppers- I’m With You: The Review

With a sell out gig planned for the O2 next November the Chillies were quite genius in releasing their tenth studio album within weeks, and a pretty much genius album it is at that. Kiedis and gang offer everything from chilli funk, to dance and some seriously melodic verses in this diamond.

Cliche I know but this latest offering is one serious roller-coaster ride of musicality. One can clearly see the years of work that has gone into creating this little trinket

With a thunderous start to the album, ‘Monarchy of Roses’ displays a fresh dance presence for which may enable the Peppers to instantly stretch their already dedicated fan-base. Although what follows with, ‘Factory of Faith’ hangs on to an old skool Chillies semblance; in turn something for everyone..

Kiedis continues to display his classic chilli’s sound throughout the next few tracks with catchy number ‘Annie Wants a Baby,’ certainly quite reminiscent of the ‘By the Way’ days.

Quite shocking the fact that, ‘The Adventures of Rain dance Maggie’ failed to make the charts. Just exactly what are the charts looking for these days? I reckon though I could be right to predict if the rockers release ‘Did I let Know’, as the next single; this easily listening catchy number is surely a guaranteed hit.

 ‘Goodbye Hooray’  keeps up the catchy pace of the later whilst accentuating the melodic sound of Keidis’ voice, leading into toned down beauty, ‘Police Station.’Although the album may fall a little flat towards the end with tracks such as, ‘Even You Brutus’ and ‘Dance Dance Dance, ‘I’m With You’ is a truly believable long awaited Chilli’s classic, which if ignoring the ending should not disappoint.

Must See Gigs

A freakishly quiet month in August…feel free to add comments of any good Dublin gigs!

The Olympia

Tuesday 23rd The Kaiser Chiefs

The Academy

Friday 5th Cashier No 9

Oxegen 2011: Saturday 9th/Sunday 10th

Well now that’s that, my summer made, albeit the unfortunate circumstances that lead me to miss those NY heroes The Strokes and the madness which is Tiny Tempah on Friday; Oxegen 2011 did not disappoint. Ah well boo urns nothing could be done, here’s my Saturday and Sunday Highlights from Punchestown…

Saturday Top 5:

5) The Vaccines– Playing on the prestigious Heineken Green Spheres stage the four London lads sure had a lot to prove following their somewhat mediocre performance in The Academy back in March. And yes, they certainly did not disappoint. Banging out one sure fire hit after another the indie group displayed a presence only a minute number of bands can easily convey.


4) Two Door Cinema Club– Those happy chappies from the North lit up the main stage for an early evening set, which did not founder.


3) Plan B – AKA Mr. Strickland Banks opened his set with some super beat boxing ala The Prodigy’s ‘Breath.’ What a great way to begin an excellent performance from the ‘She Said’ star. Mr. B never fails to entertain the Oxegen revelers having been invited back for the second year in a row. Here’s a little clip of a beat-box genius at work


2) Arctic Monkeys: “I’m going back to 505…I crumble completely when you cry”…I’ve been waiting four years for this and I was not disappointed. The Sheffield foursome played an excellent mix of their hits coupled with a few legendary album tracks…Even-though some Oxegen goers slated those monkeys for not interacting enough with the crowd, I believe the music and the atmosphere speaks volumes…(terrible audio, but) the result clearly evident by this audience members footage


1) Foo- Fighters: Epic, Epic, Epic…the reason why my voice was gone for a week; what more can I say, have a listen for yourselves


Ones to watch: The Minutes– What a lovely start to an epic weekend. The Minutes delivered a very stellar performance as the Vodafone Stage’s opening act. I’m sure these guys will be playing a way better slot next year if this is anything to go by 😉


Sunday Top 5:

5) Pendulum– Headlining the Vodafone Stage; now that’s no easy ask, although no problem for the the Aussie electronic rockers who ended the show with one serious party piece consisting of lethal lights and banging bass…


4) Slash: The guy most rockers will continually refer to as perhaps the best rock guitarist in the world, kept the afternoon crowds glued. The former Guns n’ Roses guitarist played a mixture of his own material whilst even throwing in a bit of “Sweet Child of Mine” to keep the main stage majority captivated by his undeniable talent.


3) Airbourne Toxic Event: I had a quick peek into the 2FM Hotpress Stage/Tent before Pendulum to catch the American Indie rockers…and glad I did as they were conveniently belting out the incredible, “Sometime Around Midnight” which never fails to send the auld shivers up the spine. Here it is live just to give you a feeling of the atmosphere…

and some better audio, cos ya just gotta hear those genius lyrics


2) The Manics: Design for Life certainly had the same effect it had on me the first time I heard it live. As far as I’m concerned these Welsh rockers could fit in at any festival; any stage, any time slot. If I had to sum up Bradfield and co. in  one word it would have to be, ‘Timeless.”


1) The National: Vodafone Stage; I could watch this band over and over. Without a shadow of a doubt the highlight of Sunday for me. Just have a listen for yourself…


That’s all folks…roll on Oxegen 2012!!!!!!