Super September

Here’s a preview of a musically  jam- packed September…enjoy

New Album Releases

Clap You Hands Say Yeah!– Hysterical

Release Date: September 12th

Oh Yeah, I can tell you which new release I’m getting ASAP…they’re most unquestionably back and with what a little cracker..

C.Y.H.S.Y are certainly not messing about here launching straight into a great happy go lucky opener with beating bass, ‘Same Mistake,’ followed up perfectly with the personification of upbeat tranquility in dance offering, ‘Hysterical.’

Never ones to stick to the same musical context the indie quintet mellow out for ‘Misspent Youth’ displaying beautiful haunting undertones which perfectly personify the diverse range of tunes on offer.

Whist recording the album the guys veered off in all different directions to get an overall  interesting mix of musical genres, never settling on just one. From the 80’s nostalgic, not unlike The Smiths portrayed in ‘Into Your Alien Arms’ to the psychedelic happy beats of ‘Yesterday Never’ the element of surprise is always present.

Although in saying all that if you just want one little stomper to listen to before heading out on a Saturday night, ‘Idiot’ is what your looking for.

An album with truly something for everyone; however will it stand up to the brilliance of their self titled debut? Well all I can do is highly recommend purchasing a copy and the rest is up to you…

Kasabian- Velociraptor

Release Date: September 19th

Describing themselves as ‘avant garde’ and making self comparisons to the Beatles in a recent interview may be perceived as egotistical by some, but I think the English rockers may have some point. I don’t really believe there is anyone as experimental out there at the moment as Kasabian in the rock stakes.

They have clearly evolved a lot since the early days of their self titled classic through to this album and never been afraid to try something new even if it was to fail i.e. the quite lame offering of ‘Empire.’ Velociraptor it seems is an interesting mix of past and present styles, you could say in homage to earlier titles.

Having been voted the Best British Group at the 2010 Brit Awards amongst others and receiving numerous accolades for ‘West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum’  Velociraptor certainly has a lot to live up to.

Instantly impressed with cheeky little opening number ‘Lets Roll Just Like We Used To,’ I cannot hide my excitement for what is yet to come and having already heard snippets of a few the anticipation is certainly justified.

‘Days are Forgotten’ follows and it’s quite an impressive anthem not far from reminiscent of the old skool Kasabian resonance. Quite taken aback by the next yet assuredly not disappointed with lovely 60’s modulating ditty,’Goodbye Kiss.’ as a theme ensues continuing with Beatles sounding ‘Le Fee Verte.’

Title track ‘Velociraptor’ not sounding unlike a tune that may have belonged on their debut momentarily keeps up my intrigue. Although what follows falls quite flat in the form of center tracks ‘Acid Turkish Bath’ and ‘I Hear Voices’ (Which contains a very lack-luster ‘Cruel Summer’ sample) and i can’t help but exude a feeling of sharp disappointment.

Again Paper Romance intoned ”Re-Wired’ and ‘Man of Simple Pleasures’ manage to get things slightly back on track but leaving it up to ‘Switchblade Smiles’ to turn it all on it’s head as this is what I’ve been waiting for. The stand out tune by far ‘Switchblade Smiles’ infuses indie, dance, hard rock you name it, it’s got it. More of the same please?

As Tom belts out the lyrics,’…all we had…to what we know…’the album wraps up quite nicely with ‘Neon Noon’ personifying where they are now in their very successful career…In summing up, Velociraptor ain’t no masterpiece but it’s good enough for now and I reckon the story shall continue…

Nirvana- Nevermind (20th Anniversary Remaster)

Release Date: September 19th

20 years on already ‘Nevermind’ is one of those classics I’d be surprised if every indie/rock/grunge fan didn’t already own a copy. But for those of you a little younger than the rest of us I highly recommend picking up a new remastered copy of this and see what us ‘oldies’ are all raving about…

Must See Gigs

This is gonna be some month, and right from the get-go

Electric Picnic

Thursday 1st- Sunday 4th September:  See my Super September Extra for the low down…

The Olympia

Friday 23rd Echo and the Bunnymen

The Academy

Friday 9th Kate Voegele

Saturday 17th Whipping Boy


Friday 9th Junip

Saturday 10th Bipolar Empire

Thursday 15th Handsome Furs

Sunday 18th Frank Turner and the Sleeping Souls with Ciaran Lenehan

Saturday 24th Emeralds

Vicar Street

Monday 26th Christy Moore with Declan Sinnott

Friday 30th The Devlins


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