Lana Del Rey: Born to Die

Lana Del Rey- Born to Die

Born to Die- enchanting, moving, encapsulating; just a few words I would use to describe this much anticipated debut from the beautiful Miss Rey. From each relevant number through to the next Lana travels through an amazing array of emotions and indeed tells a different enchanting story with each one….

The offering opens with title track Born to Die which is seductive to the highest degree, beautiful, rich and sad all at the same time. Lana certainly wastes no time in showing the listeners just what she is made of from the get go then leading into Off to the Races which truly changes up the tempo and explores Lana’s appealing diversity. This girl ain’t no one trick pony. Interesting beats surround this funky little number coupled with some beautiful strings and addictive vocals.

Blue Jeans– Deep and seductively raw.

Video Games- The first release from the album which got us all talking about Lana and wondering just where this beauty appeared from. Distinctively raw, Video Games is one of those tracks that if you’re in the right mood at first listen you will instantly love it. If not believe me, your adoration will only grow in time.

Diet Mountain Dew– Funky, catchy and addictive pop song with a seriously cool edge, Diet Mountain Dew is one of those feel good tracks that instantly gets under your skin. I boldly predict a lot of young girls going around singing this little ditty as they prepare to give some unfortunate waste of space a good ear bashing.

National Anthem– As Lana sings “I’m your National Anthem” we quickly realise just how genius this young girl is. Not far from Gagaesque, this will surely indeed be an Anthem.

Dark Paradise– Beautiful, hypnotic, melodic, addicitive. A great pop song that tells a dreamlike story that as Lana exclaims you simply, “don’t wanna wake up from.”

Radio– Love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Talks about the American dream, and Lana I believe you may be it, we truly have “finally found you”

CarmenCarmen once more displays Lana’s obvious love of the movies and tells the haunting Hollywood style story of a young girl called Carmen who could do so much better than hanging around the streets.

Million Dollar Man– Although not as stand out as the rest, Million Dollar Man is still quite good. Although if I had to say one song was perhaps trying a little too hard I would say this was it.

Summertime Sadness– Quite nice indeed, you can clearly feel the buildup throughout the song and are expecting an epic ending, which although a lovely song perhaps fell a little short towards the end.

This is what makes us girls– Tells a childhood story of how it is growing up as a girl and how it doesn’t always work out the way you thought it would.

Without You– Towards the end I must admit I may have fretting that the album could be fading slightly. Almost as Lana hears my question she asks, “Hello, hello, can you hear me.? Not long with this fear as Without You comes along and once more steps up the gear with this beautifully melodic love song.

Lolita– Perhaps lets such a great album down a tad, although not bad.

Lucky OnesLucky Ones is Sexy, beautiful, original and as Lana expresses herself, indeed “you and me are the lucky ones.” What a lovely end to a sensational album.

This record is for sure one of the most instantly addictive and raw pieces of work that I’ve heard in a long time. I would say the masses could possibly be waiting a long time to hear a pop album as different and beautiful as this.

I recognise there are already many Lana bashers out there that will knock this album and the young writer’s authenticity, but I really don’t care. So she had a little help from producers to make her music stronger, so what, who doesn’t.

As Lana boldly states herself, “All I can say is that I write my own songs, I make my videos and it’s not as though I’ve not done something and said that I have. In terms of the definition of “authentic”, I write music and that’s it. It’s not like someone’s penning all my songs or making my videos behind the scenes.” And I tend to agree.


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