2012: The Watch List

2012: The Watch list

Toy- I have to agree with The Horrors Rhys Webb who describes this psychedelic indie act as “the most exciting band to come out last year”

The Cure meets Pulp is the only way I could describe these guys mixed with a je ne Sais quoi that will probably be given its own unique name when Toy hit the limelight this year.

With the release of only one single so far, the London quintet have already played at festivals in 2011, including Field Day and supported The Horrors on their Autumn UK tour.

The debut album is expected for release in September and hopefully announcements of some tour dates soon. I myself cannot wait.

Emeli Sande- Hiding in the shadows may have been how Emile previously rolled, penning songs for the likes of Leona Lewis and Susan Boyle. She is also writing songs for the original Sugababes line-up, the outcome which I cannot wait to hear.

You may have seen this belter make guest appearances on songs with some big names such as Professor Green and Tinie Tempah, but 2012 is also set to be one hell of a year for the solo Sande.

February 13th sees the release of Emile’s debut album, ‘Our Version of Events’ from which we can expect both outstanding vocals and song-writing ability.

This can only be the beginning of one hell of a career for one hell of an artist; I can’t see it being any other way.


The XX- The London trio, who formed in 2005 have been underground indie favorite’s for quite some time, with their amazing self- titled debut winning the prestigious Mercury Prize Award in 2010.

The subtlety of songs such as ‘Islands’ and ‘Basic Space’ won the band a steady following of indie fans, but I’m reckoning that the new more clubby direction of the next album may round up a huge furor of followers they could have missed the first time round.

Speaking in December, DJ maestro Jamie Smith expressed his excitement about 2012 and the new album saying, “Hopefully we’ll get it done in time for most festivals next year, because that’s the most fun.”  So with all their up and coming festival slots and new album, this should be another a big year for the XX, watch this space…

Los Campesinos- I’m sure any big music fans out there have wondered who exactly performs the class song played in the latest Budweiser advert; you know the one with the beginning of both a football match and a live stadium gig?

Well, finally your question is answered, it is that of Cardiff formed alternative rock band (Although none of them were born in Wales), Los Campesinos with their indie dance beauty’, ‘You! Me! Dancing.’

The seven piece, who formed in 2006 have released four full length albums, the latter of which, ‘Hello Sadness’ was released in November 2011. Although pretty much gone under the limelight until now, with the announcement of a UK and US Tour this year we can expect big things to follow for this indie collective.

Other Lives- American indie rock band Other Lives have actually been around for some time, showcasing their undeniable song writing talents on shows such as Grey’s Anatomy and One Tree Hill, but this year will see much more of their live abilities.

With UK festival dates set and U.S support to Radiohead in February and March among their diary entries, Other Lives will be very busy lads.

Check out their interactive website tameranimals.com for more info on this class act.


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