And so I watch you from afar….

Many have tried it and failed but ASIWYFA have most certainly nailed it; the instrumental rock band is what I’m talking about, Wow! Goose bumps, shivers; all the great things you come to almost only expect from a vocal band; although this time ASIWYFA do it without the singing.

Hailing from Belfast the trio are unmistakably pushing the boundaries, and in the right way. I have heard many a great thing said about their live shows but until now have yet to witness their musical genius.

The band consists of Rory Friers on guitar, Johnny Adger on bass and Chris Wee on drums.

Arriving on stage in Dublin’s RDS at an unusually early ten past five ASIWYFA met an already pumped up intimate crew of hundreds, surely not what they were used to.

Songs included fan favourites such as the infamous ‘Set guitars to kill’ and ‘S is for salamander.’ The rockers most certainly gave the crowd what they wanted and packed all their best songs into the short 20 minute set.

For one rare occasion they even displayed vocals, albeit only using the subtle, “da, da, da;” just a snippet to show what they could (if they wanted to) in fact produce vocally.

There’s a great saying, “always leave the crowd wanting more” and that without doubt is what they did.

As a previous non believer in rock music without vocals I can definitely say now that ASIWYFA have in true style single handily changed my mind that instrumental on its own can simply work.

I am first and foremost all about the vocals, well this was ALL about the ‘Music.’

Following the set Rory Friers spoke about the bands excitement to be heading off to Texas in two weeks to play the South by Southwest festival, exclaiming, “We’re lucky, we just got our visas through, woo!”

He also exclaimed how overwhelming their last experience was playing the festival back in 2010, although through that event they got a record deal with Sargent House Records.

This time the trio come equipped with an album (Gangs) which they hope will do big things over there, and according to the fans over these waters it surely will…

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