Kasabian…Best Band in the World?

Kasabian…Best Band in the World?

Kasabian, three time number one selling album indie band, previously voted by readers of Q Magazine as the Best Act in the World 2010.

But, could they possibly be in fact the best indie band in the world right now? Well according to those down at the prestigious NME’s they are The Best Band Britain; well at least that’s a nice start.

Despite winning numerous accolades Kasabian like to embrace every single one. Speaking about the award guitarist Serge Pizzorno said: “We’re not put on this planet for long, so why would you come here and not go, ‘YES! We’re the best band in Britain’, and not celebrate? It would be worthless and everyone would say, ‘Did they not realise?’ ”

Following the ceremony Tom Meighan did also display a very humble side to the bands persona dedicating the award for the second time that night to the late Davey Jones of the Monkeys. In addition he also mentioned all the other great indie bands in attendance that deserved the accolade just as much as they did.

They may perhaps be cocky to a fault, but this it seems is what makes these guys so special and at times simply quite endearing. There has not been a band since Oasis that has been as sure of themselves than Kasabian, although it is indisputably that which makes this band the performers they are. If you have the goods to back it up, and they do in drones, then why not? You only have to listen to the music to find out why.

Kasabian beat off stiff competition from Arctic Monkeys, Biffy Clyro, Foals and surprisingly even Muse to land the prize.

According to indie website Antiquiet .com Kasabian’s growing popularity is possibly something to do with the fact that they, “Have found a way to channel everything you love about The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Radiohead while still keeping the unique sound that sets them apart from the contemporaries like Coldplay, Muse and The Killers.”

Describing themselves as ‘avant garde’ and making self comparisons to the Beatles in a recent interview may be perceived as egotistical by some, but I think the English rockers may have some point. There isn’t anyone as experimental out there at the moment as Kasabian in the indie stakes.

With a month long US tour kicking off on March 12th; free run of the European Headlining Festival spots and a new album already in the pipeline, this year is set to possibly be Kasabian’s most successful year internationally.

Are Kasabian the best band in the world? Well they’re certainly on their way and they don’t show signs of diminishing any time soon…


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