Madonna- MDNA: Has Dance Nation still got a home?



Controversial as ever with both album and track titles Madonna as usual astounds us with her lack of decorum on her newest offering, MDNA. Miss Ciconne’s first album since Hard Candyin early 2008 repeatedly displays a vulnerable side to the star that has been kept hidden for quite some time.

It’s clear for the world to see the hurt, loss and anger she felt following the breakup of her seeming less at one stage perfect marriage to Guy Richie. Her distinct pain certainly remains etched perfectly throughout MDNA. Not even the massive production and infectious beats can cover up Madonna’s regrets and vulnerability.

I’m not sure if it’s deserved although as she is the Queen of Pop I simply must give a track by track account of MDNA, here goes nothing…

Girl Gone Wild– Expected to be the follow-up to the somewhat mediocre ‘Give Me All Your Luvin.’ ‘Girl Gone Wild’ does almost the same as the latter. This track certainly bestows an appetite for something more spectacular from an artist of Madonna’s stature.

Gang Bang– Is more like an intro than a second track; whilst you remain in waiting for something exciting and new to happen, it simply fails to provide.

I’m Addicted– Not much to it, although the catchiest song so far. Whereas I can’t help but think I’ve heard ‘Addicted’ somewhere before, it still sounds fresh in its own unique manner.

Some Girls– Starts off quite sketchy, but yeah the ritenuto beats are quite effective in a song that would otherwise fall flat.

I Don’t Give A: Featuring Nicki Minaj- This one is noticeably the stand out track on the album so far. Besides the sometimes squeaky vocals the beats on this one are seriously infectious.

Turn Up the Radio– With the exception of high-pitched vocals and at times questionable lyrics, Turn Up the Radio is still an okay pop song.

Give Me All Your Lovin– Sounds like a song I’d write in my bedroom, in saying that you most certainly will not forget the hook.

B-Day Song– Sounds like a bad 80’s teen movie soundtrack; I would highly recommend skipping this one.

Superstar– A happy, upbeat pop number that doesn’t do much albeit possibly lighten your mood

I’m a Sinner– On its own merits this could be a cool little pop song but again displays a lack of freshness or originality. The central rift even sounds suspiciously like that of ‘Ray of Light’ perhaps coupled with ‘Beautiful Stranger’ which unfortunately creates a copy and paste type sentiment for ‘I’m a Sinner’.

Masterpiece– What an appropriate name for this beautiful poignant song of love and admiration. Maddy describes a persona of pure perfection whom she affiliates with none other than that of the Mona Lisa. For once the superstar opens up and lets us see her almost always dormant vulnerable side which she has kept under wraps since the days of ‘You’ll See’ and ‘Take a Bow.’

Falling Free– “I’m quite free to go,” she poignantly sings in the closing line perhaps in homage to the many years she would like to finally leave in the past. Likewise the reasoning behind this song is evidently to display Madonna’s often questionable vocal ability.

I Fucked Up– The title may suggest this track should have been a belter. You may find yourself waiting for a climax, although it never really reaches it.

Beautiful Killer– ‘Beautiful Killer’ in keeping with the theme of album accumulation again delivers yet another distinctively average pop song. We are left perplexed as Madonna exclaims, “Can’t really talk with a gun in my mouth.” Was that gun perhaps the reason MDNA fails to ever really take off?


Acclaimed producers and infectious beats fail dismally to cover up Madonna’s regrets and vulnerability which ooze from MDNA’s entirety.

Overkill on the dance beats and a certain lack of lyrical conviction as an entirety makes MDNA just short of a “good” pop album. The compilation does as whole though prove that dance music still has a place in modern society.


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