Gone? But Not For Long: Three Delayed Albums We are Dying to Hear

Although nothing alike all 3 artists have a common theme; perfection. They have collectively delayed releases of new material until everything is faultless.

Accordingly these performers haven’t been out of the limelight too long, although just about long enough to breeze out of our present memories.


So they were pretty big in the nighties, selling out huge gigs and co-headlining festivals, but can Keane perhaps hit the big time again?

Speaking about ‘Strangeland’ the guys exclaimed, “We’re all much better at what we do, than we have ever been. I think it’s got more assurance than any record we’ve ever made.”

The band also expressed their anguish in completing the perfect album saying “It’s been a really difficult year as we’ve all been determined to make the album so amazing.”

They were most certainly determined to not release anything until they were confident it was right.

As the lyrics in their latest single, ‘Silenced by the Night’ boldly state. “You and I we’re gonna rise again.” Albeit, will they? The outcome of that lies now with the fans.

Keane release their fourth full length studio album, ‘Strangeland’ on the 7th of May this year.

Keane- Silenced by the Night

Marilyn Manson:

Best known for their twisted video’s, x rated performances and on occasion satanic references, Marilyn Manson is one single away from being back in the lime-light.

They certainly enjoyed their heyday in the nineties selling over 50 million albums by 2009.

Feeling the somewhat waning of their devotees the Mansons have this time put no less than two and a half years into creating what they believe to be possibly their, “best record yet”.

This will be the band’s first album since parting company with Interscope in 2009 and Marilyn proclaims that the creative handcuffs have finally been lifted creating a ,”more romantic” yet “self-abusive” lyrical content.

Perhaps ‘Born Villain’ will even spawn an all new mass of Marilyn Manson devotees as according to bassist Twiggy Ramirez the new album is, “kind of like a little more of a punk rock Mechanical Animals.” It’s simply time for the foursome to sit back now and come what may.

Marilyn Manson releases their 8th as usually very aptly titled full length studio album, ‘Born Villain’ on April 30th, 2012.

Marilyn Manson- No Reflection

Leona Lewis:

Changes in record companies, plagiarism scandals and poor single sales have certainly not helped Lewis’s matters of late. Meanwhile the numerous delays in the release of her latest album, ‘Glassheart’ have left many quite bewildered.

Is this simply just a publicity stunt or very silly move that may see the early demise of the angelic diva?

When Leona Lewis appeared on British screens back in 2007 as a contestant on X Factor everyone who watched instantly knew this girl was special.

Since winning X Factor Leona went on to reach number one with her debut single, ‘Bleeding Love’ in no less than 30 countries. The sparkling singer became the first British solo artist to debut at number one on the US Billboard Charts with their debut album and has received countless nominations and awards for her albums and breath taking performances.

Can Leona possibly retrieve the massive foray of fans that may have gone astray in the wake of her new album’s unusually delayed absence? Well they will have to wait yet another 7 months to decide her somewhat dwindling supports fate.

Leona Lewis releases her third full length studio album, ‘Glassheart’ on November 26th 2012.

Leona Lewis- Collide

Striving for perfection may be a noble trait for these artists although the problem with so much procrastination could in turn could be;

Have people simply had enough of Keane, waited too long for a Leona Lewis comeback or for Manson has the novelty perhaps run out of steam? We’ll just have to wait and see….


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