Garbage- Not Your Kind of People?

The very apt lyrics, “I won’t be your dirty little secret” perfectly personify how the Scottish/American punk rockers Garbage wish to explode back onto the scene after a quite notable absence of six years.

Automatic Systematic Habit

They may not be everyone’s “kind of people” although they certainly are mine; and with an opener like the banging ‘Automatic Systematic Habit’ I reckon they may soon just be yours too.

Big Bright World
Big Bright World gives off an aura of, “this is going to be something good” right from the start. This track certainly has a bit of everything; it’s melodic, full of infectious guitar riffs and beats, and is sure to brighten up any dull day.

Blood for Poppies
“Catchy” is how I would perfectly personify ‘Blood for Poppies’. An early Muse-esque opening quickly turns into a mixture of pop, cool beats and Shirley’s surprisingly appealing talk style singing. Musically this song has a dolly mixture of everything; I reckon a couple of listens and it will be a sure fire hit.

“Maybe I’ll hold my breath and jump right in”, Shirley exclaims from the outset and the song does just that. Good beats and vocals encase this number which exudes effect; although I can’t help but think I’ve heard too much similarity before.

Not Your Kind of People
Melodically it’s a mix of Primal Scream and perhaps the Beatles although unfortunately even with those two great influences it sadly comes up a bit short of a remarkable number.

An aura of My Bloody Valentine surrounds this track although Garbage brings their rocky unique feel to it. ‘Felt’ is one of those tunes which on first listen may not impress too much but by the second or third the repeat button may just come in handy.

I Hate Love
Remonetising the Garbage of old ‘I Hate Love’ is quite a good track although it may perhaps fall to the wayside when compared to the other stompers on this offering.

I can see what it’s trying to do with the psychedelic music and haunting percussion although ‘Sugar’ sadly fails to reach its full potential.

Battle in Me
‘Battle in Me’ is a good little pop song about the constant battle of love and war between the sexes. Strong beats coupled with angry lyrics create an aura of anger which slowly turns to resolution making it easy to relate to this one and instantly sing along even on first listen.

Man on a Wire
Rocky little tune, not much to it but a strong enough number all the same.

Beloved Freak
“Nothing good was ever free.” Beautiful music and heartfelt lyrics encapsulate ‘Beloved Freak’ however I reckon Garbage should have perhaps ended the album as in your face as it began to make it that bit more memorable.

In all ‘Not Your Kind of People’ after a few listens is a very good album, albeit I can’t help but think the band packed too many good songs into the beginning and somehow slightly neglected the end. However If this was just a taster and they are most certainly back I’m sure Garbage have much more for us to look forward to in the future.

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