Music to truly get you moving

Are you ever getting ready for that big night out that you’ve all been planning for some time and you simply do not want to go? Or, you simply can’t think of anything to get you out of the doldrums feeling you’re experiencing, well think no further.

This dolly mixture of tunes are sure to work, they certainly work for me and they can pull you right out too.

So let’s put them to the test, here’s my top 10 (in no exact order), if these don’t work I challenge you to create your very own top 10, enjoy 😉

1)      Hysteria: Muse

Chart Position, December 2003- 17 (UK)

Taken from Muse’s 3rd and possibly best studio album, Absolution ‘Hysteria’ has it all. Amazing rock beats encapsulate the genius lyrics and vocals of Mr. Matthew Bellamy. As the words, “I want it now, give me your heart and soul” thunder from his lungs you may feel yourself encased in goose bumps and pure excitement. This tune is additive to the highest degree and positive to release even the heaviest head from the gloomiest mid-week hangover ever.

2)      Born Slippy. NUXX: Underworld

Chart Position July 1996- 2 (UK)

Taken from one of the Best Movie Soundtracks of all time ‘Born Slippy’ just makes you want to party; between the banging beats,  amazing music and the lyrics, “Shouting Lager, Lager, Lager” what more could you want from a banging party tune.

3)      Drinking in LA: Bran Van 3000

Chart Position, February 1997- 3 (UK)

“Hi. My name is Stereo Mike.” Does anybody who was a teenager in the nineties not know those famous opening lyrics? ‘Drinking in LA’ is one of those nostalgic feel good tunes that is almost impossible to forget. I reckon at one time or another we all thought the lyrics were about our group of mates and the good times we have or indeed used to have. Try putting this one on without a smile etched across your face.

4)      Dog Days: Florence & the Machine

Highest Chart Position January 2010- 23 (UK)

“Happiness” well the clue is in the first word; ‘Dog Days’ is one of those songs that exudes a scene of jumping on the bed excitement. Any hint of procrastination when heading out and a blast of this one will surely do the trick.

5)      Paint It, Black: The Rolling Stones

Chart Position May 1966- 1 (UK & US)

I don’t think I’ve ever heard this song, under any circumstance and not wanted to dance around like a lunatic as the signature sitar riff grabs you right from the outset. Paint It, Black is one of those tunes that always put you in a good mood, no matter how hard you may try to ignore it.

6)      Sound and Vision: David Bowie

Chart Position February 1977- 3 (UK)

“Dooo doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo,” this is one great confident track right from the start; Pure class.

7)      Hot Ride: The Prodigy

Chart Position November 2004- Did not conform to Chart Regulations

“Up, up and away, am I beautiful, my beautiful.” Such up- beat lyrics and banging beats surround this little cracker from the best dance band of the 90’s and today. You certainly can’t help but hop around to this one.

8)      End Credits: Chase & Status feat. Plan B

Chart Position November 2009- 9 (UK)

“I can feel, something happening that I’ve never felt before.” These lyrics perfectly describe the euphoric emotions emulating from this song.  I most certainly believe that this music could be used for a moving scene from absolutely any movie soundtrack or simply to pick up the pace of any nightclub DJ set or party.

9)      The Skin of my Yellow Country Teeth: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Chart Position- No actual chart positions

The instrumentation on this track captures your attention right from the start and puts you in the mood for dancing right from the off -set.  No matter what your opinion may be of Alec Ounsworth’s  voice;  you cannot deny the addictiveness of this class little tune.

10)      Trains to Brazil: The Guillemots

Chart Position September 2006- 36 (UK)

Now you can’t help but be transformed from the worst mood ever when you hear this little number which is an instant pick me up. Fyfe sings about how war and tough times may be going on all around us but when you think of that special someone it all just seems a distant meaningless blur. ‘Trains to Brazil’ is sure to give you the musical push you need to face the day on a positive note.


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