Electric Picnic 2012: The Countdown

Electric Picnic the Countdown

It’s merely two days until the beginning of one of Europe’s great festivals; so here’s the pre-plan for each day of the weekend.


Act we’re most excited to see

It has to be none other than the super chilled out indie dance trio The XX. It was love at first listen with me and the XX who first appeared in a semi-full tent at 2009’s Electric Picnic. I could tell straight away that these guys were destined for bigger things and promptly picked them as my ‘One’s to Watch out for’ in 2009.

Going on to win The Mercury Prize in 2011 proved my instincts were most certainly on the money.

It’s all go for the Romy and the guys, who are prestigiously placed as the warm up for the main stage Friday headliner, Sigur Ros.

Our biggest dash between stages

The XX on The Main Stage at 21:00 may clash with The Vaccines on the Electric Arena stage at 21:30

It’s a tough decision, although half of each may just be a sacrifice worth making to catch a glimpse of both of these crowd pleasers.

The one song we can’t wait to hear live

The crowd are sure to be hopping about to The Vaccines ‘If you Wanna’ and I’ll be right there with them. The performance of this sing-a-long indie gem could very well be one of the day’s best moments.

The Vaccines If you Wanna

Our unknown recommend

Check out Cold Specks on The Crawdaddy Stage at 16:30- This Canadian singer-song writer created waves when she appeared on the Jools Holland Show back in November. Expect much more from this artist in the future.


Act we’re most excited to see

It has to The Cure who warm up the crowd at the Main Stage at 21:00. Having not played here in Ireland for some time I most certainly expect that Mr. Smith will be banging out classics from their amazing back catalogue of hits. I’d advise to get there early for this major treat.

Our biggest dash between stages

And it’s The Cure on the Main Stage at 9:00 and The Horrors taking on The Crawdaddy Stage at the slightly later slot of 9:45. A tough decision will have to made here; give yourself up completely to the legendary Cure for a whole 3 hours, or sneak off to catch a quick glimpse of UK rockers The Horrors?

The one song we can’t wait to hear live

If you’re a fan of Bell X 1, then the arrival of ‘Tongue’ from their hit album Music in Mouth is sure to offer utmost pleasure.

Bell X 1 Tongue

Our unknown recommend

Ham Sandwich on the Cosby Stage at 4:25; whilst this duo are quite well known over these shores, I expect exciting prospects for future overseas ventures.


Act we’re most excited to see

The Killers, that is all…

Our biggest dash between stages

Glen Hansard at the Crawdaddy Stage and The Killers on the Main Stage. Both are sure to be blasting out their greatest hits one after the other proving decisions between the two will not be made lightly.

 The Killers- Mr Brightside

The one song we can’t wait to hear live

I going to have to cheat on this one and pick two; Elbows ‘One Day Like This’ will surely send earthquakes throughout the Main Arena and quivers down the backs of all who adore this beautiful piece of music.

The Killers ‘Mr. Brightside’ Try standing still to this one, I know where I’m concerned I’ll be hopping around with 10,000 other people with a big smile on my face. The perfect end to what is promised to be an amazing day.

Our unknown recommend

The Antlers on The Crawdaddy Stage at 18:45 are sure to draw a good crowd. Although pretty well known in the underground indie scene I expect bigger and better things to happen for this band.

 Author: Audrey Mulholland
© Audrey Mulholland 2013


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