Electric Picnic 2012: The Basket of Treats

As the saying goes, better late than never; so after a mere few hours’ recovery here goes the story that was Electric Picnic 2012 the basket of treats.

Friday Highlight: The XX on the Main Stage

Well as predicted the XX were most certainly the stand out act of the Friday and perhaps the whole weekend. Even the most skeptical of music fans turned up in their drones to catch a listen of just what this little band had to offer and those that witnessed the performance know just exactly why.

As Romy and crew played a mixture of songs from both their debut and new offering Coexist thousands of spectators flooded out from the front of the stage spreading for miles around.

Songs such as ‘Shelter’ and the amazing ‘VCR’ truly had every spectator fan or non fan singing along with their simple elegant words. It sure was an enormous step up from the medium sized EP performance tent of 2009 and for the XX perhaps one of their greatest achievements to date.

Best Song: Not being biased although The XX, Shelter was most certainly one of those ‘wow’ factors that will be etched in the mind for some time.

Best Craic or Chill: Christy Moore on the Crawdaddy Stage

The crowd may have been perspiring just as much as Mr. Moore himself as the tent practically burst at the seams though nothing was could possibly lessen the almighty craic in there.

From young to old all were enthralled by the spectacular performance we’ve come to expect from Christy sparking a sing-song for every lyric to his famous ditties whilst enticing even the odd Hooley here and there.

Low Light:

If there had to be one then I’d have to say the hazy rain, yet not even that could spoil our fun.

Best Unknown/Tip for the Top: Cold Specks on the Crawdaddy Stage

Those of you who arrived early may have been privy to the soulful wonder that is Cold Specks AKA Al Spx and for those of you who didn’t then remember this name; you may just get another opportunity…watch this space.

Saturday Highlight: Orbital on the Main Stage

The Cure would always be a tough act to follow for any band although dance legends Orbital quite frankly did it in style.

Playing most of the songs from Work surely delighted the members of the crowd as happy faces were displayed all round. The arrivals of ‘Halcyon’, ‘Chime’ and ‘Belfast’ most certainly had the revellers going wild undoubtedly drawing out even the furthest of closet raver to exhibit their well kept secret dance moves.

Best Song: The Cure, ‘Lovesong’

On hearing the infectious opening music and beautiful lyric, “Whenever far away, I will always love you” the goose bumps encapsulated me and all the other fans surrounding me.

One fan exclaimed, “even though it’s one of the bands lesser known hits, it always manages to grip me the most whenever I see them perform this one live.”

Best Craic or Chill: Strolling about on an early Saturday afternoon and checking out all the weird and wonderful things Electric Picnic has to offer that you never noticed the night before such as “The Direct Line to God” and The Slide.

Lowlight: The campsite troughs (oh er I mean toilets) were most definitely not fit for human use, a disgrace and a health hazard. By Saturday any slight hope of actually using these appalling holes was impossible leaving quite a number of distressed faces about the place in search of an alternative rest place.

Best Unknown/Tip for the Top: Turn on the Cosby Stage

If Turn does what they said they might do and continue with their comeback then I predict big things for these three Irish lads.

The Dublin band drew an impressive afternoon crowd into the Cosby Stage with a trip down memory lane of when Turn was huge in the Ireland gigging scene. Playing songs such as ‘In Position’ and ‘Time on my Side’ made us wonder how they didn’t make it as big Internationally back then and that perhaps now is the trios “turn” to hit the big time?

Sunday Highlight: The Killers on the Main Stage

The inclusion of a questionable number of average songs at the start of the set had me fearing a wash out. The performances of the big ones although surely made up for that.

As it, “started out with a kiss, how did it end up like this, it was only a kiss…” blasted from the stage the crowd were indeed well warmed up and ready for more.

Best Song: The Killers ‘Jenny was a Friend of Mine’

I simply must chose this song as not one person was standing still at the main stage as Brandon exclaimed the lyrics, “Oh come on, oh come on, oh come on” and the opening guitar riffs were quite simply mighty.

Best Craic or Chill: The Dublin Gospel Choir on the Main Stage

It really is true that all it takes is the simple things to brighten up your day.

Whilst strolling around on Sunday morning acquiring our Pie Minister fix for the day we simply couldn’t ignore the best hangover cure ever soaring from the main stage in the form of the Dublin Gospel Choir.

What a perfect start to a beautiful sunny day as the lads proceeded to belt out teasers for the night ahead with hits from Elbow and The Killers to name a few; ‘One day like this’ was certainly a welcome rendition quite possibly out doing the original.

Lowlight: Having to hit the hay at a frosty but sensible 1 am.

Monday Lowlight: So it was all over and we have to finally leave the music haven we have come to call our home. It’s only 362 days until next year’s festival and alas we shall meet again; so for now Electric Picnic 2012 we shall bid you adieu.

By Audrey Mulholland
© Audrey Mulholland 2013


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