Little Green Cars at Vicar Street May 11th 2013

Little Green Cars

With the release of debut album Absolute Zero and a string of quality festivals already lined up the future certainly looks bright for this highly talented Dublin quintet. Long has this band waited for their time of recognition and that time is now.

Ironically so, it was now their turn to keep the almost sell-out crowd brimming with anticipation until the very last second as they opened with the lyrics, “I’ve been waiting for a long-time.” As Faye blasts out her haunting vocals from the opening number, ‘Red and Blue’ she indeed has a way of controlling the crowd whilst waking them up from a slight slumber.

Eagerness for the big ones sure is high and ‘Angel Owl’ does a good job at changing the pace with what one might call an ode to Irish band Director’s hit ‘Reconnect’. (Have a listen and you’ll see what I mean)

‘Please’ is to follow, again displaying Faye’s amazing sexy low pitched vocals and then time for Steve to shine on ‘Little Red Dragon’ which he indeed does and then back to Faye for more of the previous on ‘Kitchen Floor’.

“Sick as them…”Yes you sure are LGC, perhaps ‘sick’ and reminiscent to someone like Bell X1. You can truly tell this band have worked together for a long time as their pure unison is always present.

The theme throughout the gig was one of a build-up and when it came to ‘My Love Took me Down to the River’ the audience were on a unified high as wild guitar beats ensued and everyone in the crowd sang the lyrics back to the stage.

Little Green Cars-John Wayne

‘John Wayne’ was of course welcomed with open arms and worked perfectly as a follow up being the better known of the two and perhaps the highlight of the night. As Steve sang the lyrics, “slowly falling in love with you” I can assure that for myself and everyone in the audience this is life imitating art with us doing just that for Little Green Cars…

The night was perfectly wrapped up with an encore of slower songs, ‘Goodbye Blue Monday’ and ‘The Consequences of not sleeping’ creating a feeling of intimacy and the sense that you just witnessed the awakening of something very special.

Little Green Cars debut album, Absolute Zero is out now….
© Audrey Mulholland 2013


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