Blur at Royal Hospital Kilmainham


Damon and crew burst onto the stage just after nine with ‘Girls’ and Boys’ to a rapturous roar.

The crowd sure were in good spirits especially as the weather had managed to hold off, although an always looming dark cloud hovered above us. According to Damon and Natasha Kann earlier it would not rain and like in answer to the two singers it didn’t.

There was no messing about as the band lashed out one big tune after the other including ‘Popscene’ ‘There’s no other way’ and the heavy guitar strumming ‘Beetlebum.’

In homage to ‘Coffee and TV’ some fans held up milk cartons and even one dedicated devotee dressed as the famous milk carton from the video which was indeed well received by the band.

‘Tender’ was most definitely a pivotal point of the performance as the whole crowd played their part chanting back in unison to Coxon, “Oh my baby, oh my baby.”

Anticipation was high at what was next to come as the beautiful chorus of instruments introduced ‘To the end’ and as per the lyrics we may have just then somewhat “collapsed in love.”
A song so apt nearly 20 years on, “It looks like we might have made it…to the end” which we sure all agree that yes they have.

While ‘County House’ ensues I overheard one reveller exclaiming, “It’s just like Christmas morning” as Damon simultaneously jumps into the crowd paving the way for a storm of good auld moshing.

‘Parklife’ saw the nostalgic reunion of Blur and Phil Daniels as guest quickly followed by the amazing ‘End of a Century’ the song I and I’m quite sure a few others were waiting for and were now “all made up.”

‘This is a low’ and new song ‘Under the Westway’ provided a chance for us all to chill out and prepare for the concluding part of the gig. The latter being pure class certainly went down a treat and would not seem out of place in their back catalogue as a perfect contrast to the big 90’s hits.

With our hearts clearly etched in 90’s Brit pop heaven we boomed out the chorus of ‘For Tomorrow’, “ooh la,la,la,la,la,la” whilst waiting for something big nonetheless wishing it would never end.

‘The Universal’ was truly worth the wait as Damon perfectly controlled the crowd like a conductor and us his followers, “well here’s your lucky day.” It sure was a lucky day for a few that managed to get a touch of Damon as he flayed into the crowd yet again.

The night was wrapped up in typical style as ‘Song 2’ thundered from the stage and we all hopped around in our own little blur heaven.
© Audrey Mulholland 2013


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